The Journey

The Journey began in 1999 with a Promise … to build a Parish Activity Center for St. Catherine of Siena parish and school.  The new center was to provide expanded space for the parish’s burgeoning ministries, and provide a facility for large-scale parish events such as graduations, athletic recreation for the youth, and community gatherings.

Many good people believed strongly in that Promise, and made sacrificial gifts accordingly.  Unfortunately, the Promise couldn’t be fulfilled because of rising construction costs.

The Journey was put on hold!

The Journey began again in earnest in 2006.  With the coffers half-filled with gifts from the earlier effort, and many more generous parishioners stepping up, it looked like our new campaign would achieve success.  That didn’t happen.  Faced with the worst economy since the Great Depression, donor pledge fulfillment became a critical issue.

The Journey was again put on hold.

In 2015, with the cooperation and blessing of the Diocese of Oakland, our Journey begins anew.  With a new spirit, new resolve and new wherewithal, the parish community is looking forward to finishing what those who came before us started.

It is time to complete the Journey!

It is time to Fulfill The Promise!

With God’s blessing and your help, this time WE CAN.

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