Our Plans

To address these deficiencies, we have an ambitious but achievable plan which calls for the construction and renovation of Blessed Sacrament’s campus. While various options were discussed, it was ultimately decided that the first phase of our master plan would address our most pressing needs today. The façade of the new construction for our Parish Center and the renovations to Blessed Sacrament School will be designed so that all buildings will blend harmoniously.

Parish Center

Our plan calls for the construction of a new, two-story building designed for both parish and school purposes. This building will now be connected to the newly renovated Blessed Sacrament School. It will also offer many recreational, social and fellowship opportunities and will alleviate our current class, meeting and storage space problems. Ultimately we want to build a physical place that serves a spiritual end.

The first floor of the Parish Center will include:

• The first floor will include a new gymnasium which will also serve as a social hall when needed, that will provide a variety of recreational opportunities for both young and old alike. The gymnasium will include a regulation-sized basketball court with bleachers that will seat approximately 300 people offering new locker rooms as well. We will also have a new stage that will be ideal for events and performances. The additional activity space will promote both internal and community gatherings.

• The new gymnasium will also enable us to host functions that can accommodate 150-200 people. 

• Our after school program with over 100 students currently enrolled, will also benefit from the addition of this space. With the addition of a cafeteria separate from our gymnasium, we can provide the space needed for this program before and after school.

• Our new parish offices will also be located on the lower level of the Parish Center. The administrative suite will have rooms available when the time comes to add additional staff. Our offices will now be conducive to efficient operation in directing the work of the parish. Additional storage space will also be included.

• The addition of dedicated parish meeting space will give programs such as faith formation and Parish Council a functional space suited for their needs.

• Our nursery will be located on the first floor and will be adjacent to our new parish offices. The nursery will include restrooms as well as a play area for toddlers.

• We will include an elevator in our plans to meet the code requirement which will enable all of our members and visitors ease of access around our entire facility.

The second floor of the Parish Center will include:

• The science lab will be located on the second level. A more suitable science laboratory and equipment are vital to students’ science education, not only directly in regards to meeting the curriculum need, but also indirectly by interesting them and encouraging them to study these subjects further. Students will no longer have to go to the Child Development Center for this class which will also increase instructional time.

• The art and music classrooms will now have the appropriate space  and lighting for our children to be even more creative. Distractions will be minimized and students will have the resources needed to excel in a more suitable work environment. Offices will also be added for our art and music teachers.

• Closet space will solve our storage problems and will provide ample space to store the many supplies and equipment needed for the various events, classes and meetings that will be held in our new facility.

Blessed Sacrament School

Our plans also include renovating the present school building. By connecting our new Parish Center with our newly renovated school, we will now have one large building extending from north to south. The addition of a new HVAC system will mean that air flow will be evenly regulated without sound distraction providing a more suitable work environment for our students, faculty and staff.

• Our plans also include the addition of a covered drop off area that will benefit us during times of inclement weather. 

The first floor of the school will include:

• The renovation will also include three dedicated classrooms for our Pre-K program and three classrooms for our kindergarten classes. We will now be able to provide the necessary space for the appropriate student-to-teacher ratio which is so critical during these formative years. Furthermore, this will allow us to slightly increase the enrollment in grades where we typically have a waiting list. 

• The existing gymnasium will no longer be functional due to the planned renovations. In fact, our new and improved cafeteria will be located where the gymnasium once was. The new cafeteria will offer ample space for complete preparation of meals and have adequate ventilation and fire protection.  It will also allow for a dedicated serving line that will separate and control the space between where the food is being prepared and where it is served while at the same time ensuring the safe handling of food, which is ideal for buffet style serving. It will also be designed for cafeteria staff to prepare, store and distribute catered food items for larger groups.

• The cafeteria will also be used as a social hall when needed. The configuration for this space calls for high ceilings and banquet hall lighting which will be perfect for events such as wedding receptions and school and family reunions.  

• There will also be classrooms dedicated for language as well as a teacher workspace which can be used for things such as meeting confidentially with parents, small groups of teachers and for our counselors to meet with parents and teachers when holding student support team meetings.

• Closet space will solve our storage problems and will provide ample space to store the many supplies and equipment needed for the various events, classes and meetings that will be held in the school.

The second floor of the school will include:

• As we advance further into the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more integrated into our society. The rapid and widespread adoption of these technological innovations has completely changed the way we conduct our daily lives, including how knowledge is digested and taught in our classrooms. Our new state-of-the-art media and technology rooms will now offer ample space to prepare students for the future while enabling them to learn at their own pace. There will also be a student reading area and ample room for hard copy reading selections.

• Our elementary and middle school classes will also be located on the second floor. Each grade will have two dedicated classrooms providing the necessary space for our students during these formative years.

“Just as our forefathers and mothers sacrificed to make our church better, we are called to do likewise for those who will follow.”