Our Plans

To address these various needs, we have developed a four-phased master plan that takes into account feedback we received from members, various councils and suggested recommendations from our feasibility and planning study.  These phases correspond with the 4 buildings we plan to construct to alleviate our space issues – The Early Childhood Educational Center, a detached daily Mass Chapel, a Faith Formation Center, and a Multi-Purpose building with a high school sized gymnasium.

Phase One

Early Childhood Educational Center and Additional Parking

Phase One of our plan - the Early Childhood Education Center – will provide 5,200 square feet of additional space which will include four classrooms, administrative and Director’s offices as well as an area for a nurse. This will also allow us to fulfill our vision and dreams for our early childhood program.

•    It will provide a one stop before-and-after school program for parents of several children;
•    We will be able to transport older children to and from their respective day schools so parents would only have to drop off and pick up their child from our before and after school program;
•    Children enrolled in Mission Bell could stay for daycare after their instruction period;
•    We could offer full-week options for children attending Mission Bell. 
•    We would also be able to explore the possible addition of a Transitional Kindergarten as an annex to our partner school, St. Mary in Palmdale.

Included in Phase One, is additional parking to help alleviate our current parking problems when we have highly attended Masses, celebrations, meetings, or events.

Phase Two

New Detached Daily Mass Chapel

Phase Two - constructing a 160 seat daily Mass Chapel that would house the Blessed Sacrament – will allow us to:
•    Have a smaller, sacred space to hold our daily Mass, more intimate weddings, and funerals.
•    Economically and intimately provide multiple services at the same time for small celebrations such as weddings, funerals, and quinceañeras.  This will help us better support the community and allow us to say YES to all of the requests we receive on a daily basis.
•    Provide an excellent gathering space for our Faith Formation children and catechists, and it would serve as an ideal gathering space for pre-class prayer.
•    Furthermore, since it will not be hidden in the back, it would be safe enough to allow 24-hour access for Eucharistic adoration. 

Phase Three

Faith Formation Classroom Building

Phase Three – the Faith Formation Classroom Building – will provide 9,200 square feet of additional space giving us ten additional classrooms, an office for the director, a conference room and additional storage rooms. Along with the Early Childhood Educational Center, this Faith Formation Building will go a long way in resolving our current space issues.  Additionally, it will provide:

•    Proper office and conference space for staff and parents;
•    Catechists would benefit from a place to gather, to research materials and to plan together.
•    More spacious and a greater number of classrooms for Faith Formation (pre –K to Grade 8) and for the High school confirmation prep program as well as meeting space for youth ministry teams;
•    And, if there is sufficient community need and an endowment fund is established, it would provide rooms that are big enough for day school.
•    Finally, the Parish Center could then be restructured.  Business offices and a conference room could be placed on the end where current classrooms are now located and the adult meeting rooms could be placed where the current offices are located leaving them closer to the Father Serra Hall and kitchen. The current main office could become the office for the associate pastor and a restroom will be added so that he would never have to go to the vestry restroom at the church if and when people are in the building.  Finally, the Knights of Columbus Council could also have a real home. 

Phase Four

Multi-Purpose Building with High School Size Gym and Indoor/Outdoor Stage

Phase Four – building a multi-purpose building with a high school sized gym and indoor/outdoor stage – will provide a venue for various activities and options for community involvement, such as:

•    Forming  parish youth basketball and volleyball teams to help develop a sense of belonging to the community,   Sports such as these are good “gatherers” for youth group meetings;
•    Providing adult  and senior wellness programs, including a walking track;
•    Expanding gross motor skill development facilities for the Mission Bell Children;
•    Possibly renting out the facilities to clubs and/or city leagues; and
•    Having concerts, youth rallies, family plays and movie nights.